User Connect Consultancy (UCC) is a User Research consulting firm with an acute focus on providing strategic direction to our clients through behavioural and attitudinal qualitative research. We empower businesses to take well-informed, critical decisions; generate new concepts; and enhance existing products and services by translating the perspectives of their end-users into clear, action-oriented outcomes.

Field story
User research for a crisis-responsive service – Aarogya Setu

That good design has an immensely positive impact on the society at large is undebatable. Great designs can empower, inspire…

Empathy: the secret ingredient to meaningful design​

The mammoth catastrophe in Kerala state and Kodagu district had several capeless heroes come to provide rescue and relief…

Field story
the user connect - User Research consulting
field story
Insight or Finding? What’s the Difference?​

When I was 12 years old, I had visited my uncle’s farm near Hyderabad. His farm was a beautiful, lush…

the user connect

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in the practice of Human-Centred Design that places users at the heart of design and development process. We collaborate with our client, their teams and the users leveraging our four-step framework.
Know about our four-step framework.

The Brain Behind

the user connect

Shipra Bhutada, a post graduate in New Media from National Institute of Design,  Ahmedabad, is a Human Centred Design maven with a deep-seated belief in complete  immersion in the world of her clients and the users.

She’s traversed across the globe from New York to Dungarpur (a remote tribal hamlet in  India) for her research projects and steeped herself to understand the context.

Her philosophy is to be right where the actions happen and hear it straight from the horse’s  mouth.

After over 14 years of being a part of established systems, Shipra founded User Connect  Consultancy with the mission to provide aggressive, honest and uncompromising insights  that open new windows for the thought leaders. She draws strength from her rich  experience across varied industries and enjoys plugging pieces of cross-domain insights in  her work. Through UCC, Shipra’s vision is to be a strategic partner for her clients to co-create  products and services that elevate the lives of the users.

She worked with companies across domains ranging from healthcare, IT to automobile and  communications. As the President, she’s also playing a pivotal role in defining and  strengthening the Hyderabad Chapter of the Association of Designers of India.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We work for you by working with you.