Adherence to Medication

Client: A Giant Pharmaceutical Conglomerate

This pharmaceutical company decided to tackle a global problem with patients – non-adherence to medication. This lack of attention often leads to decline in patient’s health, slows the doctor’s practice, and sometimes leads to emergencies causing surge in efforts and expenses and eventually negatively impacts the pharma market.
The goal was to design and develop solutions to change patients’ behaviour and improve their medication- adherence rate.

Secondary research helped us understand the current state of the problem at a global level, advancements made and solutions that crashed. Analogous research to study behaviour-changing cases in other fields combined with deep ethnography studies with experts, patients and caregivers led to a carefully designed research strategy to achieve the goal we set out for.

We mapped the entire patient journey, created 4 personas from our research addressing the motivations, challenges and trigger points identified. A prototype was launched and executed for three months with continuous iteration cycles. In the end, an app was designed to address multiple behavioral issues simultaneously.