Indian Market Analysis

Client: Major Hand and Power Tools Manufacturer

The client is a global market leader in power tools, but was struggling to get the same share of the pie in India because of tough competition. They needed to explore, discover and understand the dynamics of Indian market to create a strong base in India and contextualise an innovation for Indian market.

We  mapped the entire lifecycle of the power tool and the supply chain. An ethnographic study was conducted in 4 states in India to thoroughly understand and connect with the customers and end-users and various stakeholders in the entire eco-system..

Our findings led the client to see the spectra of the end-users lifestyle, education, awareness of power tools, pain points and challenges; it even transcended to appreciate the end-users motivations and aspirations. We applied research led innovation to conceptualize ideas that would address the gaps identified from the user research. Brainstorming sessions were conducted to ideate on opportunity areas identified and selected concepts for prototypes. These were later validated with end-user before launching the pilot. The pilot has been conducted in India and, now, the client is planning to scale up this exercise to other potential countries.